CSIR Pensioners Welfare Association is a non-government organization of superannuated employees of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research. A General body consisting of all its members is the supreme body and is vested with powers to elect a Management Committee as a Central body, located at Lucknow, to manage the affairs of the association as per byelaws and decisions taken or ratified by the General Body from time to time. The association also has the provision of creation of its chapters and affiliate sister associations constituted at other locations.


The General Body of the association is the supreme body consisting of all 1400 members of the association (2007) and is vested with powers to manage the association, pass the annual budget, approve the annual work report, lay down the functional policies and elect a management committee as its central body to manage and carry forward the interest of the association on its behalf.


The Central Body consists of the Management Committee, elected by the General Body and its central secretariate at Lucknow to manage the affairs of the association. The Management Committee is elected once in two years.

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The CSIR Pensioners Welfare Association (CPWA) was formed on April 12, 1992 at Lucknow and registered on Nov.4, 1993 under the Uttar Pradesh Societies Registration Act No. 21 of 1860, with an all-India jurisdiction. The membership of the Association comprises of all categories of superannuated employees (DG down to Group 1) from CSIR establishments throughout India.

You will be pleased to recall that HANSA Aircraft which we saw during the visit to NAL, Laboratory facilities, has got the approval for commercial flights and soon will be in air. CSIR-IICT in collaboration with Khar Energy Optimizers has developed Accelerated Anaerobic Composting, a technology to convert water hyacinth, which covers ponds, lakes and part of rivers and is harmful to aquatic life, into useful organic fertilizers. ISRO scientists launched 104 satellites at one go creating a history and making India among top 5 positions in space research. Also a group of astronomers from Inter-University Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics (IUCAA) and Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER) in Pune, NIT, Jamshedpur and Newman College, Thodupuzha discovered a super galaxy cluster and named it Saraswati. This makes us all proud of the scientific achievements of our scientists and technologists.

To mark the Silver Jubilee, CPWA is bringing out a book- "25 YEARS OF CPWA - REMINISCENCES", for which a team under Dr Farhat Jaffery is tirelessly working under the guidance of our Secretary General, Dr. R.P.RastogI. This historic commemorative book will be released during the closing function of the celebrations on March 17, 2018 during the inauguration of the AGM and Symposium, being organized at NBRI, by CPWA Lucknow Chapter. On this occasion the NEWS LETTER which is being brought out by Dr J.K. Johri and his team under the guidance of Dr. Rastogi team, will also be released.

I look forward to meeting you with your dear spouses at Lucknow in large numbers for the celebrations.

With best wishes and warm regards

P. K. Seth

Regd. No. 1366 (1993-94)

01. Name of Organisation :
Council of Scientific and Industrial Research Pensioners Welfare Association
02. Address :
B-7/1, LDA Flats, Nirala Nagar, Lucknow 226020
Correspondence Address : 10, Chowdhry Square, Faizabad Road, Lucknow 226007
03. Areas of work :
All over India and abroad

04. Aims and Objectives of Organisation :

  • To organise all pensioners for mutual cooperation
  • To help pensioners to obtain in-time, family pension and other benefits
  • To make efforts to obtain for all pensioners adequate medical facilities
  • To arrange cultural programmes from time to time
  • To inform members about the benefits extended by CSIR to pensioners from time to time and to provide guidance for obtaining them
  • To publish annually Newsletter highlighting the activities of CPWA, Branches and matters of interest to members.
  • To bring out Directory of members and compilations of medical facilities and other CSIR circulars from time to time.
  • To organize scientific symposia, conferences, get-together and participate in societal programmes of CSIR.
  • To take up issues of common interest with authorities for redressal.

05. Name, address, post and occupation of office bearers of the Management Committee who have been assigned responsibility by the organisation :

No. Name Address Post Occupation
1. Dr. S.P. Popli S/o Shri M.E. Popli B-176, Niralanagar,  Lucknow President Retired
2. Dr. V. Chandra S/o Shri R.S. Mathur C-9/8 River Bank Colony, Lucknow Vice-President Retired
3. Dr. R.P. Rastogi S/o Shri M.R. Rastogi 10, Chowdhry Sq.  Faizabad Rd. Lucknow Secretary Retired
4. Shri R.N. Wahal S/o Shri I.N. Wahal MM-160, Sector D Aliganj, Lucknow Jt. Secretary Retired
5. Shri Ranjit Singh S/o Shri P. Singh 15, Mausambagh, Sitapur Rd. Lucknow Jt. Secretary Retired
6. Shri H.C. Chhabra S/o Shri S.R. Chhabra D-1309, Indira Nagar Lucknow Treasurer Retired
7. Dr. N.M. Khanna S/o Shri H.M. Khanna 1, Tilak Marg,  Lucknow Member Retired
8. Shri Swarn Singh S/ Shri H. Singh MM-44, Sector D, Aliganj, Lucknow Member Retired

We the undersigned declare that according to the above Memorandum, our Association has been formed under the Societies Registration Act 21, of 1860.

Signatures :

1  S. P. Popli; 2. Virendra Chandra ; 3. R. P. Rastogi ; 4. R. N. Wahal ; 5. Ranjit Singh ; 
6. H. C. Chhabra ; 7. N. M. Khanna ; 8. Swarn Singh


"28th Annual General Body Meeting at CLRI Chennai February 8-10, 2020"

"Chennai Inaugural Function Invitation 2020"



E-copy of News Letter - 2017

E-copy of News Letter - 2018

Health & Healthy Living Booklet


  1. CSIR – LOOKING BACK ,  1997.  A collection of articles from leading scientists and administrators who greatly contributed in the making of CSIR 0f  today.
    Price  Rs. 160 + postage

    Price Rs. 100 + Postage

  3. HEALTHY LIFE in Platinum Years & Thereafter

  4. DIRECTORY 1993-2015 (Members of CPWA and Affiliated Association)