It is a well established fact that Science and Technology is the major driving force for the growth of the country. Despite small amount of funding, the country has witnessed green revolution which helped not only in achieving self sufficiency in food but also to help with food the neighboring countries. Recently, the CSIR-NBRI and CSIR-CIMAP jointly launched a herbal drug for treatment of diabetes at very low cost. CPWA congratulates the CSIR Scientists for this contribution.

There is a concern that how science is relevant to society and present day funding is being tagged to targeted hard puts in terms of financial numbers. It is well known that it is only the good science which leads to good technologies. CSIR has been contributing for the welfare of the society. To highlight CSIR's contribution in Healthcare, the scientific program committee under chairmanship of Prof. B. N. Dhawan has decided to hold a symposium on "Contributions of CSIR in Health Security during last 25 years and futuristic vision" and bring out the proceedings. This will help to inform the society about the important contribution of CSIR in this area.

The CPWA is growing and some Chapters are extremely active. The Hyderabad Chapter has 480 members. I urge all Chapters & affiliates and appeal to enhance membership and undertake more and more social activities.

Our collective efforts have led to the revision of pension of pre-2006 retirees. The CPWA has won the case and most of eligible pre-2006 retirees have received the arrears. Due to procedural delays at laboratories or bank some members are yet to receive but I hope everybody will be receiving the due arrears by March 2016.

Your much sought after Newsletter this year has several articles related to health and well being besides the regular columns. I thank Dr R. P. Rastogi, Secretary General and editorial team for the pain taking work which he takes up with great interest and commitment. The team has also brought out an updated edition of Membership Directory in a easy to use format. The Directory has latest Information about the members and I am sure you will find it highly useful.

I thank the Management Committee, office bearers of all Chapters and affiliates, all members of the CPWA and Director General, Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, for their continued support and guidance.

Before I close, let me wish you and your family a very happy and prosperous 2016 and looking forward to meeting you with your spouse's at Lucknow in March.

P.K. Seth