1.   Regarding CPC recommendations and DR
2.   Formation of a Whatsapp Group of CPWA
3.   New rates of Life Membership Subscription
4.   Annual Affiliation Fees
5.   Electronic (NEFT) Transfer of Funds through Banks
6.   Dr. Girish Sahani appointed as CSIR Director General & Secretary DSIR
7.   Pensioners to get arrears from 1.1.2006 vide G.O.I. OM dated 30.7.2015 and its
      endorsement by CSIR dated 27.8.2015
8.   Identity Form Card With Aadhaar Number
9.   Second Edition of Directory of Members
10.   Regarding CPWA-Website
11.   Annual AGB Meetings, March 2016
12.   Annual Reports for Newsletter No. 23, 2015