Organizational Setup


CSIR Pensioners Welfare Association is a non-government organization of superannuated employees of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research. A General body consisting of all its members is the supreme body and is vested with powers to elect a Management Committee as a Central body, located at Lucknow, to manage the affairs of the association as per byelaws and decisions taken or ratified by the General Body from time to time. The association also has the provision of creation of its chapters and affiliate sister associations constituted at other locations.

The General Body of the association is the supreme body consisting of all 1400 members of the association (2007) and is vested with powers to manage the association, pass the annual budget, approve the annual work report, lay down the functional policies and elect a management committee as its central body to manage and carry forward the interest of the association on its behalf.

The Central Body consists of the Management Committee, elected by the General Body and its central secretariate at Lucknow to manage the affairs of the association. The Management Committee is elected once in two years.

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