A Nostalgic Journey over the Years Gone By


The CSIR Pensioners Welfare Association (CPWA) was formed on April 12, 1992 at Lucknow and registered on Nov.4, 1993 under the Uttar Pradesh Societies Registration Act No. 21 of 1860, with an all-India jurisdiction. The membership of the Association comprises of all categories of superannuated employees (DG down to Group 1) from CSIR establishments throughout India.

Over the years, the membership has consistently increased and at the end of July, 2015 it stands at around 2850, spread over all the CSIR establishments. The organizational network comprises of Head Office at Lucknow and eleven Chapters located at Bhubaneswar, Chandigarh, Goa, Hyderabad, Jammu, Jamshedpur, Jorhat, Lucknow, Maharashtra, Mysore and Palampur. In addition, four organizations functioning at Bangalore, Chennai, Dehradun and Roorkee are affiliated with CPWA. In the early years CPWA functioned from the residences of the office-bearers where the limitations of facilities were serious impediments to its continuously growing activities. The Management Committee, therefore, in 2002 raised Rs. 5.00 lakhs through donations to buy a one-room flat in Sahara Estates Housing Complex at Jankipuram, Lucknow.

An exponential growth post-2002, both in the membership and activities, rendered the one-room flat in Sahara Estate inadequate. Again, the Management Committee started looking for a centrally-located spacious accommodation which would take care of Association's requirements in the next 8-10 years. Thus, in Sept. 2008 the present premises (Flat No. B-7/1) in LDA colony at Niralanagar, Lucknow, was purchased. The Association had to utilize all its cash funds and the Management Committee had to appeal again for donations from members to meet some financial shortfall for making the deal to go through. The new Headquarter premises are now fully functional for the organizational activities of the Association as well as some indoor game facilities.


The main objectives of the Association have been to look after the welfare of superannuated CSIR employees; to organize pensioners for mutual cooperation and provide a platform for interaction amongst pensioners through social activities and cultural events to maintain close link with the CSIR Headquarters, Labs./Instts. and also be available as a pool of multidisciplinary expertise in times of need


The Association has been deeply concerned with the medi-care of pensioners. Its sustained multifaceted efforts were instrumental in the formulation of medi-care scheme in 1994-95 by CSIR entitled as "CSIR Scheme of Medical Facilities to its Pensioners residing outside Delhi". The scheme envisages medi-care to CSIR pensioners at par with the CGHS of Govt. of India. The Association continues its efforts toward making its implementation smoother and more effective.


Social activities for developing kinship amongst the members and their families, such as get-together on festivals, local and outside picnics and informative talks by specialists, are in vogue at the centers of CPWA. To further augment interaction among members, two more programmes were initiated in 2004 i.e. sending greetings to each member on his/her birthday and 80-plus felicitation of members who attained the age of 80 years. These programmes have been highly appreciated by the members and it is heartening to put on record that to date about members have been honoured under the 80-plus felicitation programme.


The CPWA has always been conscious of its social responsibilities and has enthusiastically extended its help whenever a national calamity struck such as Orissa Cyclone, Gujarat Earthquake, Kargil War, Psunami, Uttrakhand Flood Disaster, Jammu & Kashmir Floods and lately Nepal Earthquake by contributing substantially towards these causes.


The Association has been actively engaged in dissemination of information to its members through its regularly publishing Annual Newsletter and other publications.

The Association published in 1997 a book "CSIR Looking Back" containing experiences of the past Directors who were instrumental in shaping the CSIR as we see it today.

It has published a complete manual entitled "CSIR Scheme Extending Medical Facilities to its Pensioners residing outside Delhi" as a consolidated volume of OMs and circulars updated in December 2012 as a source of ready reference for the pensioners and other users.

A book entitled, "Healthy Life in Platinum Years and Thereafter" was published in 2011. The presentations at the symposium form the main body of this volume. Some other aspects which could not be taken up at symposium have also been included in this volume through invited articles from experts. This volume covers all aspects useful for senior citizens.

The publication of Newsletter started in 1993 and has been continued yearly since then. Its volume No. 22 appeared in December, 2014. It has become a valuable publication of the Association, incorporating all relevant Govt. /CSIR circulars, account of activities of Headquarters and Chapters and its affiliated Associations, informative articles. A Directory of all the members for the period 1993-2013 has also been published.


The Association organized a national Symposium on "Healthy life in Platinum Years and Thereafter" at Jorhat jointly with NEIST, and a book bearing the same title was published. Other symposia, "Food, Lifestyle and Health" was held at Mysore in 2013, "Coastal Environment and Health Hazards" at Goa in 2014 and "Recent Developments in Instrumentation and other Technologies for Health & Environment" at Chandigarh in 2015. To make the Association more diversified and national in character, it was decided to hold annual meetings consisting of AGB and symposium etc. at other centres outside Lucknow. In view of this, the annual meetings were held at Jorhat (2009), Hyderabad (2012), Mysore (2013), Goa (2014) and Chandigarh (March, 2015) which were well represented by chapters & affiliates.

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